Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NEW online Gallery and Shop!

I have spent some time away from painting over the last week to sort out my new online gallery and shop. I am really pleased with the result. It has made the buying of my art a whole lot simpler for my customers! Now you can add a painting to the Shopping Cart and pay with PayPal. All the daily paintings on flat canvas boards (30x30cm) are £75 which includes worldwide shipping via Airmail. A bargain! 

Hope you enjoy the new gallery!

Cat Salter Art Gallery and online shop


Monday, October 17, 2011

Buying art from Cat Salter......

I have simplified the 'buying process' for my daily paintings.

ALL the 30x30cm canvas boards are £75 which includes FREE shipping anywhere in the world!

Payment can be made through PayPal which is so easy.

There! No excuses now! Please get in touch if you see anything you like the look of!

Evening Rest - New daily painting

Evening Rest
Oil on canvas board 30x30cm
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

I really enjoy painting seascapes. One day I will hopefully move back down to be near the sea again. I am very jealous of those artists who live close to the coast!

This had photographed a bit flat but if you go to my Facebook page there are better pics there taken with my iPhone. Cat Salter Facebook Page

I am planning a series of seascapes over the next few days so will post them when finished.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Asparagus for Belle House Restaurant

This is VERY large and was a challenge to paint! The Vale of Evesham is renowned for growing Asparagus so it was an obvious choice for one of the large canvases for the downstairs restaurant at Belle House in Pershore.

Asparagus on wooden block
Acrylic on cnavas

Portrait of Ade (Commission)

Portrait of Ade
1m x 1.3m
Acrylic on deep edge canvas

This is a huge portrait (1m x 1.3m) and because of this is very dramatic. I wanted Ade's face to come out of the darkness of the background but mot to be menacing in anyway. It is painted in acrylics using thin washes of colour to try and maintain the translucency by using the white of the canvas underneath to shine through the washes.

Close up detail

Close up detail showing loose brushwork.

Commissions for Belle House Restaurant, Pershore

I have been very busy over the last few months painting another 7 paintings for Belle House Restaurant in Pershore. They have been smaller than the ones I painted for the downstairs restaurant (60x60cm) and painted in acrylics.

The brief was to produce paintings which depict the utensils and tableware that the restaurant uses. We chose objects which have reflective surfaces so that it would give the effect of light within the room which can be rather sombre due to the dark would panelling.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Old Shoe (1750-30)

I have managed to sneak in one daily painting today! This will be one of a series of wonderful vintage shoes I plan to paint over the next few days.

Old Shoe
Shoe embroidered with coloured wool 1730-50 
Acrylic on canvas panel

FOR SALE £75 (shipped anywhere in the world)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Glossy Plums finished

Acrylic on deep edge cotton canvas
130cm x 80cm

This is now finished and will be delivered tomorrow morning to Belle House Restaurant. I have really enjoyed this painting. I love the fact that, just by applying some white paint, it is possible to create the shine on the skin of the plums.

I am very pleased that the restaurant agreed to these plums being painted as they have the most amazing coloured flesh when I cut them open.

I have tried to make the plums 'glow' (similar to 'Proud Pear') by contrasting it against the dark wood and dark background. I am particularly pleased with the effect of the orange under the Payne's Grey which has given the background a glow as well.

I will take some photographs when they are on the wall in the restaurant.
Close up 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Commission painting of Plums in progress......

This is the last large painting for Belle House Restaurant in Pershore to go downstairs. 

The first stage was to under-paint the canvas with a zingy orange wash and then overpaint it with Payne's Grey but allow some of the under-painting to show through. This creates a lovely warm, glowing background. Then, it is just a case of building up the detail in the plums, linen napkin and the wood it is all sitting on! May have it finished tomorrow!

I am using acrylics for this on a deep edged cotton canvas (80cm x 130cm) 
This is how I have left it tonight....................

Plums (painting in progress)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Paintings for a restaurant........

Scroll to the bottom of the post for today's progress.......................

I have started painting three large canvasses today (well, one at a time) for a local restaurant. I will post progress as I .....progress!

The brief was to paint some large canvasses depicting local produce from the area, the Vale of Evesham and Worcestershire, as this is a large fruit and vegetable producing region. There are certain fruits that are specific to this area, one being the Worcester Black Pear. I managed to trace some of them down but unfortunately, don't want to be rude, but they are the most boring looking pears in the world and do not lend themselves to making a good painting; very rough, dull skin and a very somber colour! (See photo below)...

So I have had to rethink using this variety! I have chosen a lovely golden coloured Williams Pear! I had done a small version of this pear to send to David Sandum in Norway for the Twitter Exhibition in Moss (5"x7") but this time it is going to be MUCH bigger (1.3mx 0.7m). 

6 Jan 2011 -
Below is today's progress - drawn up, background blocked in and starting to build up the detail slowly. The background is painted with Payne's Grey and Crimson. It makes a lovely rich, dark colour without being as flat as pure black. I have allowed the Ochre background colour to show through in places by just using a light wash over it. It is a deep edge canvas so I will paint them neatly in Payne's Grey.

I have left it at this stage this evening..............

7 Jan 2011 -

Start to build up the density of colour in the body of
the Pear with washes of pure yellow and orange and
white highlights. 
Then it is adding the detail to the surface of the skin. Loads of little spots! Quickest and most effective way to do this, is to mask off areas and splatter thin paint onto the surface. Fun too! (At this stage, the cat tried to sit on it while it was on the floor!)
Not finished yet. need to work on the linen napkins and the surface of the table but it is getting there. Will probably be finished by the end of the weekend. I then have a huge canvas to paint with Asparagus! 

8 Jan 2011 -

Not much to do today to finish off the painting. The pear needed darkening in on the left hand side with some ark orange washes built up in layers. A few more 'blemishes' were needed on the skin and I found the easiest way to do that was to blend them with my fingers so that the brush strokes were not so obvious.....

Finally, it was a bit of detailing put in on the linen napkins and I am happy with the result. I would welcome any comments about what might need changing! : )

'Proud Pear'
Acrylic on canvas
130cm x 70cm