Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Green Jug

'Little Green Jug' (Oil on Canvas Board 30x30cm) 
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

This is the little water jug that goes with the little green teapot I painted a few days ago. They are both made at Royal Worcester.  This little pot is only 11 cm tall and has a hinged pewter lid. They have both been great to paint and I have become very fond of the teapot!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oriental Vase

'Oriental Vase' (Acrylic on Canvas Board 30x30cm) FOR SALE £67 (unframed)

I have spent the day at a middle school on a Careers Day talking to year 8's and 6's about art and what jobs, studying it can lead to. It is sad to see such preconceptions of art and what it involves so young and to hear children say that they are 'rubbish at art'. This makes me sad that they feel like this at 10 years old! Art, and producing it, is so beneficial to everyone.  I hope I inspired some of them to think of art and design related careers and made them realise that art is more than simply drawing and painting.

Anyway, I just had enough energy left this evening to paint this little vase. Another one that used to belong to my Grandma and that I have always loved. So beautifully decorated with exquisite flowers and such a beautiful pale green.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'I'm a little teapot.' SOLD


'I'm a little teapot' (30x30 cm Canvas board OIL) SOLD

I have always loved this little green teapot! It belongs to my Mum and has been around all my life. I love it's pea green colour! It is very small, just enough for tea for one and has a hot water jug that goes with it, which I may paint with it one day. This is in oils and I am managing to get detail into my oil paintings now. Getting the hang of them at last.

Took the framed paintings up to Lapstone Gift Shop in The Cotswolds today and they are putting them up this afternoon! They looked great on the walls! Fingers crossed they sell!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Frames now available!

FRAMED original canvas can now be bought from Cat Salter Daily paintings! Here are the two frames I have chosen - a silvery grey and a metallic bronze -which I think set off the paintings really well! I am very pleased with the quality of them and feel they make the paintings look very special! Isn't it amazing the difference a frame makes to a piece of work?

The cost of a framed original will be between £160 and £180 depending on the painting. (ex shipping)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eurasian Eagle Owl

'Noble Bird' Eurasian Eagle Owl  (Acrylic on cartridge paper with chalk pastel background)

I adore painting birds! I love the detail in the feathers but it can do your head in painting them! You loose where you have got to!

Friday, March 19, 2010

'Watching the night'

'Watching the Night' Pencil Sketch

I haven't done any pencil work for a while and fancied a change last night from painting! 

With this drawing, I really wanted to explore using a pencil to add texture rather than produce a technically perfect and photographic quality piece of work. I can find such pieces rather soulless and lacking in feeling. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

'He made the stars also'

'He made the Stars also' (Oil on canvas board 30x30) FOR SALE £67

I was asked by a contact on Twitter if I could paint something to help promote their campaign to reduce light pollution so we can enjoy the wonders of the sky at night! Having lived in Africa I have often been in awe at the amazing spectacle of an African sky at night in the bush, without all the light pollution which we endure in this country.

I have always loved this verse in Genesis 1 v16; 'he made the stars also'. What a wonderful example of understatement!

This was painted quickly in oils so that I could get the richness of colour in the  sky just as the sun has gone down as the light show of stars appears.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'Pear and Pair'

'Pear and Pair' (30x30cm Oil on Canvas board) 
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

It has been lovely painting with the sun on my back today and really warm!

I real enjoyed painting the quick oil sketch of these white mugs a couple of days ago, so, I thought I would re-visited them and spend a little longer on them. It is quite hard getting the effect of light reflecting and the glossy texture of the mugs with white paint. I used one of my favourite colours in the background; Prussian Blue. You do have to be careful with it as it is a very strong colour and can overpower everything. It is great for making a very dark colour mixed with Burnt Umber instead of using Black. (We were always banned from using black at school and art college!) I must admit, you get a much more interesting quality to the dark shadows if it is mixed from other colours

I have been to the framers today to choose frames for four paintings which are going to a local interiors shop. The paintings look stunning with frames around them and it really makes them look imposing! I will photograph them when I get them back and show them on the blog.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

'Perilous Cups'

'Perilous Cups' Oil on 30x30cm canvas board 
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

Hard to believe there are so many shades in a white cup. Have learnt to pop in the white highlights of light first and then 'grey down' the white so that the highlights shine out.

Good to be back on my 30 x 30 boards today!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Persian Key SOLD

'Persian Key' (7x5" Acrylic on Canvas Board) SOLD

This was the last little board I could find so I decided to 'go small'! It took as long to paint as some of the larger canvases though! We have had the Persian Carpet bag for many years and I have always loved the rich colours in it. The rust old key seemed to work on the colourful background. 

I have received my order of more boards yesterday so I will go back to normal size tomorrow, although this has been fun to paint on something so small!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Vintage Tea Cup Stack

Old version
New version

Vintage Tea Cup Stack 
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)
30 x 30cm Acrylic on canvas board.

Still waiting for new canvases to arrive which is why I have not been painting this week. I have not been lazy though and have done a garden design for a client and researched material for a children's book I have been asked to illustrate!

I love these three tea cups and have had them a long time. I still have tea out of them sometimes! This painting is in acrylics as I find it easier to get the detail needed for a piece like this. It has taken some considerable hours and there were times when I wondered why I had chosen this detailed a subject! Still it is finished now and I hope you love my vintage teacups too!

Update: Once this painting was photographed, I realised that the background wasn't working and that it needed to be denser and less 'sky' like! I am happier with the new version and hope you all like it too! I can't take the paint off again!

For Sale £77