Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oriental Vase

'Oriental Vase' (Acrylic on Canvas Board 30x30cm) FOR SALE £67 (unframed)

I have spent the day at a middle school on a Careers Day talking to year 8's and 6's about art and what jobs, studying it can lead to. It is sad to see such preconceptions of art and what it involves so young and to hear children say that they are 'rubbish at art'. This makes me sad that they feel like this at 10 years old! Art, and producing it, is so beneficial to everyone.  I hope I inspired some of them to think of art and design related careers and made them realise that art is more than simply drawing and painting.

Anyway, I just had enough energy left this evening to paint this little vase. Another one that used to belong to my Grandma and that I have always loved. So beautifully decorated with exquisite flowers and such a beautiful pale green.

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  1. I am sure you would have made a big impression on the students. Maybe they will stop and think what you have told them.

    Love this little vase it looks very pretty. Great job.