Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Vintage Tea Cup Stack

Old version
New version

Vintage Tea Cup Stack 
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)
30 x 30cm Acrylic on canvas board.

Still waiting for new canvases to arrive which is why I have not been painting this week. I have not been lazy though and have done a garden design for a client and researched material for a children's book I have been asked to illustrate!

I love these three tea cups and have had them a long time. I still have tea out of them sometimes! This painting is in acrylics as I find it easier to get the detail needed for a piece like this. It has taken some considerable hours and there were times when I wondered why I had chosen this detailed a subject! Still it is finished now and I hope you love my vintage teacups too!

Update: Once this painting was photographed, I realised that the background wasn't working and that it needed to be denser and less 'sky' like! I am happier with the new version and hope you all like it too! I can't take the paint off again!

For Sale £77

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  1. Definitely like the newer version! The stack looks more grounded, not floating around the canvas. It's a beautiful painting!