Sunday, December 05, 2010

Plums on Wood

'Plums on wood'
Acrylic on canvas board 30x30cm

FOR SALE £75 (shipped anywhere in the world)

I often have people comment on my painting's backgrounds so I thought I would show how I do them! I usually look at the subject and decide which colour I want to either contrast or harmonise with. In this case, I wanted to accentuate the bright orange of the flesh of the plum.

Not much of the background colour will show through at the end but it helps lift the background and give it some interest. After I had finished this painting I looked at it for a while and decided that there was too much of the orange showing through at the top and it was detracting from the plums so I knocked it back a bit but made sure some was still showing through.

This painting is a mock up for a much larger painting that I will be doing soon for a local restaurant.

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