Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whose behind me?

'Little Green Flower Pot' Oil on Canvas board 30 x30 cm
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

I went back to my little green pot for this painting today. I am always interested in the shadows cast by things agains a wall. It is almost as if the pot and flower are being followed! It can be a little confusing to paint as you try to work out which is shadow and which is plant and the shadow has to match exactly the shapes of the leaves making it. I like a challenge!

I have been asked by someone on my Facebook group, if I could do step by step photos of one of my daily paintings so I will try and do that this week.

Tip for cleaning oily paintbrushes: I have found that a square block of pure olive oil based soap is fabulous at getting them really clean and getting deep into the bristles. As it is all natural, it doesn't strip the bristles and leave them brittle. I hate cleaning brushes! One thing I find swapping between oils and acrylics, is that I happily leave my acrylic covered brushes out on the table when I paint, forgetting that it is not oil, and come back and find them rock solid!If anyone has any tips on how to clean rock hard acrylic out of the bristles, I would love to hear them!


  1. Terrific work on the shadows and beautiful greens! For me light and shadow is what it's all about, but I struggle with the greens!
    I will finally be doing my post this week on brush cleaning,
    I'll make sure I link back to your tips!
    As for those acrylic brushes...soak them in Canola Oil, works for me!

  2. Beautiful shadows! And your little green pot is nicely done. I understand why it is a favorite. It has such a lovely shape.

    Looking forward to your photos on your process.