Monday, May 24, 2010

England's Green and Pleasant Land

 England's Green and Pleasant Land - Not for Sale (Acrylic on canvas board 8" x 10")

This small canvas was painted for Art Swap 2010 the brain child of David Pringle
This Wednesday, those artists taking part all have to post out their piece of work to a given address of another participating artist somewhere in the world! A bit like Art musical chairs!!  It is a secret who is getting it and I am very excited to see what turns up in the post for me!!

I have decided to paint a scene of 'England's green and pleasant land' and sent a bit of it abroad! This was a scene from a recent holiday in South Devon over Easter.

Painted in acrylics today but found they were drying on the pallet before I could use them it, is so hot!


  1. THAT's BEAUTIFUL!!! I am in #artswap and however gets this is lucky!

  2. Englands Green and Pleasant Land arrived safely in Tasmania today and has made me really happy. Thankyou very much.

  3. Great use of acrylics Cat and very English. I bet Kim is ultra pleased with it. I like the sculptural feel dry stone wall divided fields have and your colours are spot on.