Thursday, May 06, 2010


'Transparent' Acrylic on Canvas Board - 
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

I turned back to acrylics for this painting today and enjoyed using them again. It is good to be able to use light washes, especially on a subject like this. Had to remember to wash out my brushes though and not just lie them down on the table as I do with oils!

I haven't managed to paint for a few days as I have had some garden design work to do. Two plant supply jobs in The Cotwolds. It has made a change. 

I heard yesterday that two of the framed paintings that were on display at Lapstone Gift and Furniture shop sold! I am so delighted! 

I have decided to join a local Art Society in the area today and have sent off my membership form. WANA (Wychavon Area Network for Artists) I love chatting with artist friends on blogs and Twitter but I feel it is time to talk to other artist face to face!


  1. This glass and the reflections are beautifully done!

    Enjoy the Art Society!

  2. Really well done! Feels like I can grab it and go get a drink of water with it. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Lovely work. I admire your dedication to this daily painting malarkey.