Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daily Paintings are back!!

New Version
I did a little bit of reworking on this pairing today with the background to make the little white jug stand out more and refined some of the strokes on the jug. 
I feel it works better now.

Old version

'Juicy Cherries and White Jug' Oil 30x30cm canvas board (For Sale £80 unframed)

I have had a good break from my daily painting challenge and managed to get some other things done and felt it was now a good time to start again.

Thought I would start with a quick oil sketch to get my eye in again. I love working with white as it is a real challenge to get the tones right and yet make it still look white. I shall probably add some pure white highlights to this when it is dry in a few days.

I have a blog article half written about the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London a couple of weeks ago. I will hopefully finish it soon.....!


  1. Beautifully rendered cherries. The reds are so deep and I love the stems. Great job!

  2. Felicidades Cat!!! muy bellas tus obras...te sigo.