Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More cherries..........!

'Lounging about' (Pear and Cherries) 30 x 30 OIL on canvas board
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

I adore painting cherries (and eating them!) These came from a tree in my parent's garden and were the biggest and juiciest they have been this year. Really enjoying be back into the daly painting regime again!

Left the back ground in this painting the original acrylic under-painted colour as I love the contrast of the blue against the white napkin. 

I am interested to look back through this blog to some of my earlier work and see I have developed in style. A lot of people are commenting that my paintings are 'fresh' so maybe that is my painting style now! A fresh contemporary realist? : ))


  1. Very nice still life- like the casual manner of the composition. Grant

  2. Lovely juicy cherries - I had a bumper crop this year too ... got eaten before I had time to paint them though :-( Great job!