Friday, December 11, 2009

School Murals

I went over to see the two schools yesterday which I had painted the Murals for a couple of months ago to see them installed! I must say they looked great and the teachers say that the kids really enjoy them! Very satisfying! I had painted lots of little bugs, beetles and butterflies in the woodland scene for the Nursery School and apparently the children really enjoy finding them each time the go outside!

I have had a few day off painting but today I am hoping to fit in a 'daily piece'......

Friday, December 04, 2009

I am still here......

I have become caught up in doing some website work and putting my work up on Redbubble!

I have spent many hours re-learning about painting over the last few weeks and so I have decide to put up on my website what I have learnt to help others. Only done oil painting materials so far! I will be back to the painting tomorrow....

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

'Grapefruits in Glass'

'Grapefruits in Glass' 
Acrylic on Canvas Board (30x30cm) 
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

I am a day in hand! I have just finished this painting and it is still light so I can photograph it and put it up now!

People are always frightened of painting glass but it really is very easy! Just paint the reflections 'over' the items in the bowl and add a bit of white paint for sparkle a reflection. Hey presto! I like the sunny, light feel to this painting.

I am going to put the paintings up for auction soon now that I have a good stock.......

'Juicy Bites' SOLD

'Juicy bites' 
Acrylic on Canvas Board (30x30cm) 

Again, I have really enjoyed the way the light is catching these Oranges. Where I paint, gets lovely morning sun and it is the perfect place to work. I think it is amazing how a simple subject can be so enjoyable to paint. Really, it is sometimes more difficult to paint a 'simple' composition.