I happily undertake commissions! The one below was for a couple's first anniversary present and was a painting of the area they were married in in Italy. I am currently doing a large commission for a local restaurant.

'Italian Boats' (Acrylic on canvas board 30x30) Commission 

Have had a long break from my painting-a-day challenge as my Garden Design Business has picked up and kept me away from the studio. It is good to be doing garden design again and I will just have to find the time to fit both hats on my head at the same time!

I was asked to do this commission recently  as an anniversary present for the lady's husband. It is the area that they got married in in Italy. It was good to work in acrylics again but I must remember to not lay down my paint brush and walk away! I have had a couple of rock hard brushes to clean!

I have found some box frames which work well with the 30 x 30 boards. I like the way the canvas board is not touched by the glass. 

Commission for Restaurant:

(120 x 60 Acrylic on canvas)

Painting for Charity Auction:

Three Pears
Acrylic on canvas