Thursday, July 21, 2011

Asparagus for Belle House Restaurant

This is VERY large and was a challenge to paint! The Vale of Evesham is renowned for growing Asparagus so it was an obvious choice for one of the large canvases for the downstairs restaurant at Belle House in Pershore.

Asparagus on wooden block
Acrylic on cnavas

Portrait of Ade (Commission)

Portrait of Ade
1m x 1.3m
Acrylic on deep edge canvas

This is a huge portrait (1m x 1.3m) and because of this is very dramatic. I wanted Ade's face to come out of the darkness of the background but mot to be menacing in anyway. It is painted in acrylics using thin washes of colour to try and maintain the translucency by using the white of the canvas underneath to shine through the washes.

Close up detail

Close up detail showing loose brushwork.

Commissions for Belle House Restaurant, Pershore

I have been very busy over the last few months painting another 7 paintings for Belle House Restaurant in Pershore. They have been smaller than the ones I painted for the downstairs restaurant (60x60cm) and painted in acrylics.

The brief was to produce paintings which depict the utensils and tableware that the restaurant uses. We chose objects which have reflective surfaces so that it would give the effect of light within the room which can be rather sombre due to the dark would panelling.