Monday, March 07, 2011

Old Shoe (1750-30)

I have managed to sneak in one daily painting today! This will be one of a series of wonderful vintage shoes I plan to paint over the next few days.

Old Shoe
Shoe embroidered with coloured wool 1730-50 
Acrylic on canvas panel

FOR SALE £75 (shipped anywhere in the world)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Glossy Plums finished

Acrylic on deep edge cotton canvas
130cm x 80cm

This is now finished and will be delivered tomorrow morning to Belle House Restaurant. I have really enjoyed this painting. I love the fact that, just by applying some white paint, it is possible to create the shine on the skin of the plums.

I am very pleased that the restaurant agreed to these plums being painted as they have the most amazing coloured flesh when I cut them open.

I have tried to make the plums 'glow' (similar to 'Proud Pear') by contrasting it against the dark wood and dark background. I am particularly pleased with the effect of the orange under the Payne's Grey which has given the background a glow as well.

I will take some photographs when they are on the wall in the restaurant.
Close up