Friday, November 19, 2010


What is ArtSwap?

ArtSwap is the brain child of David Pringle, an artist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. On a set date all the signed up artists post out a piece of art to their allocated artist somewhere in the world! 

Why, you may ask? What is in it for the artists? 

Well, nothing financially, but it is great fun and a fantastic way to make connections and build a network of artists from all around the world! I have been a part of the Twitter art world for about a year and find it a wonderfully supportive and fun place to chat. We all *cheer* when another artist sells a piece of work and swap advice, give feedback and generally chat about ART! I also 'tweet' for my husband's business and it is a very different experience. No real personal connections are made.

For the first ArtSwap, earlier in the year,I sent a painting (below) to Kim Foale in Tasmania, a wonderful ceramic artist. We now chat often on Twitter and I love to think that my little painting is all the way on the other way of the world! 
'Green and Pleasant Land'
Acrylic on canvas board 8"x10"
I received a piece of art from from Simon Rudd a Freelance writer, artist and Web programmer and, likewise we now chat and support each other with our artistic endeavours! 

For this ArtSwap I have been sent a lovely colour drawing from David Pringle's wife Pattie Pringle. Really lovely and now sitting on my mantle piece! I was surprised to have received it so quickly from the US! 

Looks good in it's new home!

My allocated artist to send my painting to was Stina Jones - (Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Art Director for Creative Elements design studio and blogger for the Arts eZine Creative Boom.) This time I sent to the UK not the other side of the world! She received it the next day and I think she liked it!

'Time for Tea' 
Acrylic on canvas board

Thanks to David for the fun and for the hardwork involved in the organising of the 'swap' When is the next one?


  1. I think that the #artswap is a fantastic thing to be involved in. Swapping Art and making friends what could be better :)

  2. Oh what a beautiful piece, both that you recieved and sent, I love it!

  3. Fantastic swap! I love "Time for Tea" I am sure it will be happy in its new home.

  4. such a great, fabulous way to meet people and collect art!

  5. Fabulous :D Great blog post and great idea...bigger than an ACEO is great. All these lovely pieces of work flying round the world because of twitter is just wonderful (thinking of the #twitterartexhibit too)