Thursday, November 04, 2010

"Tide's out"


"Tide's out' - oil on canvas board (30x30cm) For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

If you follow me on Twitter you will have heard me having a rant about a 'rubbish' painting I felt I had done the other day and that I was determined to re-paint it and get it right!! Here are the two paintings side by side so you can hopefully see why I was in a mood!

It is funny, I didn't realise, until I photographed the painting on the left to put it up on the blog that it was no good! Once I saw it on the computer I saw the problems and tried to correct them but it didn't work! 

Why was I not satisfied? I had not concentrated when I was painting the boat and, as the focal point of the painting it has to be right. The shape was wrong and looked like a child's painting of a boat, it wasn't 'sitting' right on the sand, the colour was all wrong and the background was too busy. 

I paired down the background and used less colours and made sure that I painted the boat with more care! Hopefully you can see the difference.

It is not a bad thing to paint a bit of 'rubbish' every now and then. It stops you getting too cocky and makes you realise that you have to concentrate and really 'look' at what you are trying to paint!

Tide's Out - (Oil on canvas board 30 x 30cm)


  1. Sure can see the difference. Good decision.

  2. I also like the re-do but I also love the background on the first go.

  3. Can't please everyone all the time! : )) Thanks for feedback folks!