Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sitting Proud

'Sitting proud'
7"x5" acrylic 
A Twitter artist friend in Norway, David Sandum, has come up with a wonderful idea to raise funds for a Library in Moss, Norway who have had their funding cut and are needing to buy books for the Children's Library.

140 artists on Twitter are painting small postcard sized paintings and posting them to David who will then exhibit them at the library from the 1 December for a month. Once sold, the money raised from the little paintings (small to symbolise a 140 character tweet!) will go towards the Children's Library.

I was really happy to get involved in this worthwhile project as I have two daughters and know the importance of easy access to books for them as they have grown up!

All the best David with the project and hope the exhibition goes well!

Off to Norway!
Link to David Sandum's blog


  1. Nice little painting! Sounds like a great project. Hope it raises lots of money!

  2. Lovely still life. I am sure David's project will be a success.