Thursday, February 18, 2010

'Breakfast Heaven' SOLD

'Breakfast Heaven' Oil on Canvas Board (30x30cm) SOLD

Oh,.... one of my all time favourite Breakfasts! Yummy!

I debated with myself as to wether to use acrylics for this or oils! It is probably the most detailed painting I have done using the oils and I am fairly pleased with the outcome! I am starting to understand how to use them.

Went to an art shop yesterday and drooled over the brushes and paints. Controlled myself though and only bought a few new brushes, three tubes of oil paint and some gesso. I want to start making my own boards to paint on. Very impressed with the brushes I bought yesterday. ProArte Tynex. Very reasonable price but good quality. I like using flat brushes for my painting and am not that keen on hog hair. Don't like the marks it leaves in the paint. These ProArte ones are synthetic but have good 'spring' in the bristles, something which I like.

For Sale £77


  1. like this painting mmmmm. Haven't seen the pro arte tynex though? I use pro arte sterling for acrylics and pro arte series A for oils. How do they differ from the sterlings? More sable?


  2. I bought them at Hobbycraft yesterday. They are synthetic, short handled (can't stand long handled brushes!) flat headed ones. The biggest (10) was only just over £3 and the others were less than that! I was very impressed and I find they work well with oils too. Called 'Series 30' and sold as 'Craft Brushes' Well, I like them!