Thursday, February 04, 2010

'Cup Tower'

'Cup Tower' 
Oils on Canvas Board (30x30cm) 
For Sale £75 (inc worldwide shipping)

Building on my attempts at mastering oil paints. Have learnt that you must not panic if things a re not going well. Take a deep breath and have a break, come back and you will be able to see what to do! My first reaction is to throw down the brushes and walk away!

I would never have believed that this subject could be so challenging! All those different creams and greys! I need to work on this a bit more when the oils have dried a bit. Enjoyed painting it though and love the light catching the bowls; just need to get that across in the painting better.

(I have done some more work on this painting so have rephotographed it and replaced the old photo)


  1. I'm an artist too but I don't do much that is realistic. I like the shapes you've made and the way the shadow on the lower cup makes a heart shape.

    I almost missed the titles of your pieces. I see the painting title is your subject. I'd like to see the title of the piece under the painting as well. To me, the title of a piece brings so much to the experience of viewing it.

  2. I love that you said you could throw down the brushes and walk away! I once did a watercolor where the sky almost defeated me. You know how watercolor has a life of its own? I love the happy accidents but this particular painting was, I thought, a disaster. I began to panic. My husband said he couldn't see anything wrong. That made me feel worse! I went away from it, and returned only to discover things were worse than I thought.
    In desperation I threw it into the sink and completely immersed it in water. I yanked it out, blotted it dry and decided I might have lost all confidence in myself.

    The next day I put a photo of it online and asked people what they thought.

    I got a lot of positive comments, and...all were about the wonderful sky!